One More Angel In Heaven


I know what you are thinking… this is yet another post on the upcoming summer musical… but you would be wrong.  Opening week of the new baseball season took a tragic turn early this morning when a 22 year-old rookie pitcher for the California Angels of Anaheim was killed as the result of a hit and run accident after he had pitched a stellar game.  Nick Adenhart was a young man like a lot of other kids who dream of someday playing major league baseball was achieved for one moment.  He called his father Tuesday night and told him that he better come to the game Wednesday because “something magical is going to happen.”  Unfortunately, that magic ended just a few hours after the rookie celebrated his six innings of pitching shutout ball against the Oakland A’s.

It really puts a damper on the new season and puts life in perspective.  I turned the tv on to see if the Yankees had started the year at 0-3 and saw the headline “Angels postpone game with Oakland” and shortly discovered the reason why.  Suddenly, the Yanks victory over the Orioles seemed totally trivial.  Hopefully, not only do the Angels cancel their game but all baseball takes a moment to honor the young man whose life was cut so senselessly, dramatically short.

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