Ok… So It Won’t Be Another Sweeping


Yep… once again… an extra inning pitching duel.  Captain J started off the afternoon just after 4PM with a single homer.  A-Rod, Johnny D, and Posada added their own throughout the game.  However, single HRs often do not win games, correct?  I do think the Yanks went a bit too deep in the bullpen… but that is just a bit of armchair coaching.  Final: Yankees 4…Angels 5 in 12.  At least it was a late afternoon game unlike Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday.  Game 4 Tomorrow Night 7:30… C.C. back on the hill!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Ok… So It Won’t Be Another Sweeping”

  1. If they win this series, then what? Is this the last series before the World series? Told you I haven’t been keeping track!

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