No More Goat Heads, Please


Ok, we get it – the Chicago Cubs have had a goat curse on them since 1945.  It began when a tavern owner put a curse on the Cubs because they wouldn’t let him bring his pet goat into the stadium for a World Series game, and the Cubs have not played in a World Series since.  So why, here in 2009, does someone feel the need to leave a severed goat head outside Wrigley Field on the day of the Cubs home opener?  Not only that, but the pranksters were at it last year as well.  We get it – the Cubs have a goat curse on them.  Ha,ha, laugh, laugh, nudge, nudge.  Those Sox fans aren’t very creative, are they?  At least the head most likely was not specifically “crafted” for the prank – apparently there are a number of ethnic butcher shops in the city that carry goat’s and sheep’s heads – yum.


3 thoughts on “No More Goat Heads, Please”

  1. I was once told the “curse” was that they would never win. Period. Not, “never win the world series.” Therefore, the curse is patently false as they have won many games, and titles even since then. Just not the Series.

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