Man, I wonder what time those people got in line to ride the double decker tour buses (remember those well) along the parade route… 37,000 people attempted to get tickets… so many that the server was shut down.  The first ticker tape parade for the Yanks since 2000!  I bet it is even more exciting in person… nothing like an NYC ticker tape parade.  Bombers greats past and present riding through the Canyon of Heroes to City Hall:  Yogi and Mr. October joining new heroes Nick Swisher, C.C.,  Mark Teixiera among others!  I see “snow” on the ground and it’s only November 6th.  Bring on the Fab Four… those who have been THHE HEART AND SOUL OF THE TEAM since 1996!  Every time I am the Big Apple, I get a chill but I cannot imagine what the millions of fans lining Broadway are feeling right now.

Even Captain Jeter said that he had forgotten what it felt like after nine years.  There’s a worker shoveling the snow.  INDEED WHAT A WAY TO CHRISTEN THE NEW HOUSE! Derek Jeter… what a class act!  Attitude, charisma, performance all rolled into one.  Wonder if Molly got to meet him along with the Boss a few years ago when his health was better.  And there he goes… on his float along with Jorge Posada.  An 18 month old heart transplant recipient named Jeter received a special gift from the superstar.

Even NY Governor Paterson… a confirmed Mets fan… is celebrating.

MO!  The greatest and most feared saver in Major League Baseball!

And the clincher… Andy Pettitte (name spelled correctly).  Winner of the clinching game of the ALDS against the Twins, the ALCS against the Angels, and Game Six against the Angels!

Ok… that’s a wrap!  Thank you fellow tangenteers for allowing me and putting up with my adoration!  I know you all have your own favorites and I fully expect you to do the same WHEN the time arrives.

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