Goodbye To Simon’s Pants On The Ground


And congratulations to Lee DeWyze from Mt. Prospect, Illinois.  Even if Crystal had not been from our neck of the woods, being talked about continuously on the 4 local stations, I would definitely think that she was the clear front-runner.  From what I have seen of American Idol this year, the paint salesman has grown by leaps and bounds and deserves to be crowned.  But why, oh why do we need two hours of it.  We had the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some of the performances by the top 12 were good… others not so good (Siobhan), and others were downright UUUUUGLY!  (I was almost afraid that one of the myriad of guest performers was going to have another wardrobe malfunction).

Taking second place to the anticipation of the announcement was the farewell to Simon Cowell.  I’m not totally convinced that the show will be the juggernaut it is without him.  I don’t think it is now after nine years.  Video tributes, a hilarious segment by Ricky Gervais, and the inevitable return of Paula Abdul all ate time up.  I think it will all come down to who the new person at the table will be as to how it will fare.

My favorite part of the evening:  THE YANKEES WIN!  About time.  The win TWICE.  The suspended game from yesterday and today’s scheduled game at Target Field against the Twins.  Plus (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) but kudos to the Red Sox for sweeping the Tampa Bay Rays which inches the Bombers closer to that first place AL East lead.

Plus, the Pants on the Ground rendition featuring Season 3 standout William Hung was priceless.  Congrats, Lee!  And THAHHHHHHH YANKEES WIN!

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  1. Yes, in fact Northern Illinois just won two out of three reality competitions. We have this year’s American Idol, Biggest Loser, and the silver medalist Dancer. As for sports, well the Hawks at least are in the running to take it all. Our two baseball teams did win their respective last games even if we don’t expect at least one of them to make it this year.

  2. Ahem, cough cough… I guess derek wrote his comment BEFORE last night’s Cubs game was over.
    Tampa Bay seemed way ahead in your division – they were almost at .700 last I checked! That would change now, since their sweep… I’m glad you gave kudos to the Red Sox, that was nice 🙂
    I disagree about your Idol assessment – I thought it seemed very obvious that Lee was going to win. Almost as obvious as Bret Michaels winning Celebrity Apprentice. If not for all the press conference, than for the sheer fact of the numbers – a Chicago backing vs. a Toledo backing… hmmm…
    They both seemed somewhat talented, though not like Ms. Underwood, who seemed to outshine every former Idol on stage with her – she is a superstar now, and a talented one at that.
    I did catch the last 40 mins or so of Idol. Janet was freaky, and I can’t put my finger on why. Wardrobe malfunction fears as you mentioned? Or the fact that I found myself wondering if Michael had somehow possessed her from beyond the grave – she sounded just like him, it was eerie. Was that intentional?
    And Paula’s return for Simon’s tribute… was it just me or was that extremely awkward for everyone, even the audience? Paula seemed none too happy to be there, and I’ve never seen such a fake smile. Her comments seemed to be underhanded and snide compliments, and when she asked Ellen if she wanted to dance, and Ellen began to dance by herself in her chair, I thought that was rude – didn’t Paula mean, want to dance with her on stage? Ellen seemed to diss her, and she is supposed to be so nice – clearly there’s not a lot of love there. But anyway… at least we don’t have to hear about Idol anymore, and THAT is reason to be excited!!

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same about Janet. She did seem to be channeling her inner MJ. Yep, Paula seemed to be there to “put in” her time. I think Carrie is FAR AND AWAY the most talented of the 9 Idols. I found it funny that they did not comment on the vote spread as they usually do. Must have been astronomical. But I’m glad Lee won. He had improved dramatically. He always seemed to lack self-confidence until the later rounds.

    Yeah, no more Idol until next January.

  4. Sorry, Taylhis. I’ve learned to not expect it, but one year be glad when it happens anyway (it has to, right??). Hopefully before Christ comes back…

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