From T-Ball To The MLB


Ok, so it’s doubtful that our 6-year-old daughter Sammie is headed for the MLB after having had her first day of T-Ball today.  If sports skills and hand-eye coordination are hereditary, my kids are definitely not inheriting those traits from their mother’s side.  I wouldn’t mind having a kid in the MLB, but it’s not going to be something I’m pushing for or aiming toward, especially given my lack of athleticism.  But Sammie has been very excited about starting T-Ball for weeks, and we like to let our kids try as many activities as we can afford to take them to (time AND money-wise) so they can see what they like and where their strengths lie.  Sammie brought home the T-Ball flier a few months ago and said she wanted to join.  Of course, this is coming from the same kid who said the same thing about wrestling in the winter, but we knew she had no idea what that was about, and she was talked into doing Brownies instead.  So I was worried that she would get to T-Ball today and decide it wasn’t for her and want to quit on the first day.  But luckily, she seemed to have liked her first day of T-Ball.  We try to keep by the guideline in this family that once you sign up for something, you stick with it for the duration of your commitment.  You don’t have to sign up again, but you should fulfill your original obligation.

When we arrived at the ball field today, the head coach (and coincidentally also a  fellow small group leader for our church youth group) gave a spiel about how the 20th pick in the MLB draft last night was from our town and began in our same T-Ball program, hence my blog post title.  Our local guy was picked by the Boston Red Sox, a funny twist of irony for his father, the lifelong Yankees fan.  While immediate relation is enough to convert some lifelong Yankees fans to Red Sox fans overnight, whether the small town / county connection is enough for others remains to be seen.   😉

From what I saw, Sammie did a good job today in T-Ball.  She didn’t catch every one (any?) of the ground balls that were hit her way, but it was her first time ever trying anything of the sort, and she gave it her best shot.  She tried everything that was suggested by the coach, and didn’t sit out any of the activities.  She had fun, and as long as she sticks with it, I think T-Ball will serve the purpose for which we intended: a fun activity that gets Sammie out of the house for a few hours a week this month so the kids don’t kill each other – and she learns the fundamentals of baseball at the same time!

And our pastor thought of our family when our church had extra tickets for an upcoming Toledo Mud Hens game (minor league baseball), so I think this will enhance Sammie’s appreciation of that as well – looking forward to it!!

Here’s a video – I apologize if it’s hard to see, but the team went way out into the field, and I could barely see them let alone tape them when I had an almost 2-year-old and a 3-year-old to chase at the same time.  At one point, the camera dips down to catch my almost 2-year-old as he ran crazy – thought I’d tape him since I couldn’t seem to film Sammie playing any baseball.  She’s the one in the yellow shirt, and if you watch until  the end, she does throw a ball.

6 thoughts on “From T-Ball To The MLB”

  1. Hmm… nope, a local draftee is NOT enough for this die-hard Yankee fan to convert. Has to be A LOT more than that. But good luck, anyway. If it was my son, I would cheer for the player. 😉

    I really admire your attitude toward your childrens’ involvement in activities. They should see them through to the end of their initial commitment. I don’t recall the wrestling interest, though.

  2. Hey, let me know before the next game. I always loved t-ball. It is fun to watch the little ones try to learn the game. Much older than that, and the parents seem to get in the way, trying to get the kids to win, but that subject could be its own blog topic.

  3. I concur, justj. I have two (niece/nephew) in tball and it is fun to watch! No outs, go through the lineup each inning. All the kids in the field at the same time chasing the ball. And best of all… no screaming bleacher coaches/umps.

  4. Phyllis Beyer

    How exciting! I would love to see Sammie play. I don’t suppose it would work out for me to see a game. Send me her schedule.

  5. It’s good to see Sammie doing something she enjoys. I remember enjoying tee ball myself way back when. I could really wallop the ball- too bad I couldn’t do the same thing when pitched to five years later in intermediate league. Seems I should have probably played in the little league like my brother in the years between… 😉

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