Feeling no pain….


I did something to my shoulder to re-aggravate an old injury. For the first three days of this work week, I was unable to lift my left hand over my head without pain. Back to starting the old rehab exercises. Turn my head one way then the next, lifting up that ol’ soup can (1 1b weight to start). Keep stretching and moving…. Not too much weight, you can re-injure that thing. Trouble was I forgot them.

Yep, all that stuff used to be in my head. There was a sheet of exercises that I was supposed to do to keep the shoulder in shape. Me, I stopped doing them when the shoulder felt better. I kept up with a couple of the stretching routines, because they helped with headaches too. I did the ones I remembered, but I know there were another couple on the routine. Oh well, I guess I can try to find the list again. Maybe the rehab place has a website? Or I can just stop in and ask for another sheet…

Anyway with a bit of patience, lots of heat applied, and a few exercises, I was able to function at around 90% today. I was able to pull on a shirt, brush my hair with my left hand, type all day at work. and my shoulder is only starting to complain. I think before dinner, I’ll apply a bit of heat again.

I would say that this is a getting old problem, but mostly it is an out-of-shape problem. I move wrong, or sleep wrong and I put the shoulder out of whack. I am hoping that my trips to the “Y” will help with this, but I haven’t been able to get much exercise in since I joined. Just after I joined, I pulled some leg muscles that kept me from doing a lot there, and now this. I know I can’t push myself on exercise equipment, when it just hurts (like crazy) to move. I can’t say the “Y” did it either, I wasn’t there both times I was injured…. Just plain dumb luck and my body trying to move like it was in better shape than it is….

Maybe next week….

And this was the reason why there hasn’t been a post since the weekend. I have one more post started, but never finished it. I’m not a one handed typist.

3 thoughts on “Feeling no pain….”

  1. I’m not a one-handed typist either. That’s why my blogging hobby has been neglected since when I’m sitting, I’m feeding a baby and don’t want to type with one hand. Hope that shoulder feels better! If you get this before tonight and you’re planning on joined us at the theater, can you bring power tools? Thanks!

  2. I know how you feel, justj. Just a couple of months ago I helped out at a church event and I ran a game for a couple of hours. With all the up and down movement that was followed by a couple of weeks of muscle pain in my legs. Following that I had lower back pain for another week or so. This following starting to work out at home. Oh, and then the basement where I worked out flooded (5-6in) but that is a little off topic.

    So, I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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