Don’t You Looove The Smell Of Roses


The fact that it comes after an overtime victory is even sweeter.  The Buckeyes are off t Pasadena on January 1, 2010 after defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes 24-27 in OT after kicking a field goal.  Let’s hope that Coach Tressel and his squad can pull it together this time and bring home a bowl victory.

I had to keep getting updates from my cell phone while at work all afternoon.  The last I knew it was 24-17 in the 4th quarter… not over yet.  At 7:50, my sister came in and gave me the final overtime score.  Apparently, the fact that Iowa’s main quarterback was out of commission following an injury last weekend did little to quell the Hawkeye’s spirits.  However, the ol’ Scarlet and Grey came out on top and speculation is they will be facing either Arizona or Oregon on New Years Day.

Bring on THE GAME next Saturday… GOOOOOOOO BUCKS!

2 thoughts on “Don’t You Looove The Smell Of Roses”

  1. Didn’t realize the Rose Bowl contenders would be decided already, but hey, Go Bucks! They’re my favorite of college football teams 🙂
    Thought that big MI game was yesterday, but I’m glad to know I haven’t missed it.

  2. Well… the college bowl games are based primarily on season records and at 6-1 in the conference, the Big 10 Champs for the 5th year in a row will face the Pac-10 champ on 1-1-10!!!!

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