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A Saturday off with nothing scheduled?! What am I to do? Nice to have one off every other week, but then I go crazy coming up with fun things to do. Well… I volunteered myself to help in the reorganizing of the Huber costume room so we can begin blocking scenes while we await the usage of the grand stage. What’s this you say? A costume room large enough to rehearse in? Sounded unbelievable to me, too until last winter when I saw for myself while looking for costume pieces for Grandpa Prophater. I had grown accustomed to a small, cramped closet full of things that by a show’s end is always in need of an overhaul. Well… maybe once that $5 million complex is built…

Of course, there is the OSU/Penn State game today at Happy Valley at 3.30.  With 2 weeks to go until THE GAME at the so-called Big House.  My Saturday off better not be screwed up.  the Bucks are 7-2 (4-1 in the Big 10)  A rematch of last year’s conference co-champs and they are neck and neck for second place in the Big 10 behind Iowa.

Later tonight, I am filling in as song leader at mass. There really are so many there that each person only does one mass every month or so. I will be singing one of my favorites: “Prayer of St. Francis” (Make me a channel (instrument) of your peace/ Where there is hated, let me bring your love, etc).

Plus, it sounds like it i going to be a beautiful day with sun and near 60 degrees.  Not bad for November 7.

4 thoughts on “Day Planning”

  1. Sounds like a fun Saturday – yes, the weather is beautiful. Feels more like May than November. We would be off for fun adventures, but we have one sick kid and one at her first sleepover! Maybe one of these weekends we can get to Toledo – I have zoo fever coming on!

  2. Let’s see… the sick kid doesn’t sound like much fun. Hope the sleepover doesn’t turn into a phone call at 1AM wanting to come home… been there done that.

  3. If we get a call at 1am, it would probably be the parents wanting her to leave rather than her wanting to come home (guess which kid).
    T is the sick one, and she had to miss a birthday party today and church tomorrow. She was really looking forward to helping in the nursery at my MOPs meeting on Monday night, so hopefully she’ll feel better.

  4. AWW… feel better Goose. I had a feeling it was you-know-who at the sllepover. We have two little ones here tonight. Think they are finally down for the count.

    Bucks are now tied for first place in the Big Ten after formerly unbeaten Iowa lost and OSU won! Good week for sports… what’s thee outlook for da Bears tomorrow?

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