Buck, You Schmuck


I could have used another more colorful metaphor to describe the announcing prowess of one of my oh, soooooo favorite commentators,  Joe Buck for FOX Sports is so one-sided, anti-Yankees that it is downright disgusting.  No where was this more true than in the bottom of the 10th inning of the still going on Game 2 of the ALCS.  What was a seemingly easy double play turned into an advanced runner to second and an out at first.  Funny that as the Angels had back-to-back picture perfect double plays.  And we go to inning 12 at 12:17AM after A-Rod ties the game at 3 all..

Ok… back to the failed double play.  The defensive player at second NEVER HAD HIS FOOT ON THE BASE.  What was worse is that he straddled to so blatantly… nowhere close. but yet he was shocked and Mike Scioscia, himself came out to argue the call.  So Mr. Buck argued that it was a gimme, neighborhood ball.  After the inning was complete and the game progressed, ol’ Joe made what for me was the closest he has ever come to a retraction.  Apparently, in the two other perfect double plays, the player indeed had his foot on the bag.

I have at times pushed the mute to silence the golden tones of the fine and talented broadcaster.  Really need to look into other means to listen to the games.

Now, we have the fifth pitcher for the Yanks coming up.  Apart from the announcing, it has been a dandy of a game.  The rain is starting to pick up so they better wrap it up soon.

4-3 in 13 innings.  The Yankees win!!!!!  ThAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yankees WIN!!!!  Off to the West!  Good night!

4 thoughts on “Buck, You Schmuck”

  1. I don’t seem to be hearing about baseball at all this year. It could be selective listening, I suppose, but usually I at least hear which teams are playing and who won, but this is the first I’ve heard since that extra Tigers/Twins game.

  2. At least one of us has a playoff team this year… Poor Cubs. Poor Tigers… Soon – Poor Bears. But for Jamy – Go Yanks!

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