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Since I am a Tiger fan, I do tend to like the Tiger announcers, but since they did not make the playoffs 🙁 , I am listening to other announcers. So far, I’ve heard the Yankee announcers during the season. The lady they have (sorry I don’t recall her name) seems to really know her baseball. The Red Sox and Angels announcers are gung ho for their team (as expected) but seemed to do their homework on the other team. I feel this is very important. It bugs me when the announcer can’t pronounce the other team’s players.

I hope to hear the NL announcers before this round of the playoffs ends. But that will depend on my schedule and when I can get to a computer or radio that gets local stations.

I’m thinking the AL will come down to the Angels and the Yankees. I’ve been against the Yankees since I knew about baseball, so I really can’t root for them. (Sorry J…) I do think they will go to the World Series, my likes and dislikes won’t change that at all. They have a better set of pitchers and they can out hit any team on any night.

I’m not sure about the National League teams, since I didn’t pay as much attention to them. I would like the Dodgers to get to the Series, but I’m not sure which team has the best chance. Prior bias on my part hopes the Cardinals don’t get in (they beat Detroit in 2006). While it looks good for the Dodgers, I just just don’t know. As far as the Phillies and Diamondbacks, to me that is a coin toss.

Fearless prediction

Yankees, Dodgers in the Series. Yankees win it 6 games. Arrgh!!! I hate saying that….

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  1. AH, HA JUST J… sorry, I know much it pains you to say that 😉 Yes, for the first time in what seems like forever… the Yanks have a decent rotation and bullpen, but I would not count the Angels out just yet. But it could be fun for a Dodgers/Yankees series with Joe Torre at the helm of the LA team. How is Chad Billingsley shaping up? That would be great also, to have a local boy in the series.

  2. I heard part of the game on Tuesday night, and thought of you when the Tigers didn’t make it. [sigh] It could be worse, you could be a Lions fan. We never get a break.

  3. jamiahsh, I think if the Angels and Yankees play it could go 7 games. It will come down to how well the Yankees contain the Angels running game.

    I really think that the Tigers’ starting rotation and bullpen would have been a better match against the Yankees. But the Yankees did dominate both Central division teams this year. If I remember correctly, the Twins didn’t win any games against the Yankees, and the Tigers only won one.

  4. And I was sick and tired of the Yankees before I met Jamiahsh, so it’s hard for me to root for them too… seems like they win an awful lot! I also decided a few years ago after moving to Ohio that the Tigers would be my adopted team once the Cubs got knocked out for the year, but now the Tigers are out… Can’t say I’m really following anymore.

  5. I’m not sure I’m going to go back and listen to repeated broadcasts of the Dodgers/Cardinals games. I didn’t hear one of those broadcasts, and that series is over. The Yankees and Twins announcers also appeared to have studied the opposition.

    If anyone noticed, most of the time I am talking about radio announcers for teams. I don’t usually like the national TV guys, so even when I watch the televised games, if I can get announcers on radio, the TV goes mute.

  6. It broke my heart when the Tigers blew their divison lead. I so wanted to see them take on the Yankees and beat them like they did in 2006.

    Maybe next year.


  7. Abel — I would have loved to see a Yankees/Tigers match up this year, but I really think the Tigers would have been outmatched this time. Too many key players not playing up to their expected levels. There were many factors for this, but it just wasn’t the year of the Tiger. That said, I don’t think the Tigers would have been swept either. They do have some good young arms that will keep them in the games.

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