All I can say is WHAT!!!


I was listening to a ball game tonight and it sounded like it was going to be something special. Very close, well pitched game. 1 – 0 going into the 8th inning. A blown call and a hit/error later made it a 3 – 0 game going into the 9th. The home team pitcher had a perfect game going.

Long fly ball to deep center field, chased down by the center fielder, 1 out.

Ground ball to short, 2 outs.

Ground ball to 1st, close play at first. Perfect game/no hitter ruined. And then the announcers started to complain. They yelled, they screamed. The could not believe what they just saw. The same ump that blew the call in the bottom of the 8th did the same thing in the 9th to ruin a perfect game. Both announcers said it was and outrage.

Tempers grew hot when the game ended. Final score Detroit 3, Cleveland 0.

Strange thing, I was listening to the game on the Cleveland network, since I get that better than the Detroit network at home. The Cleveland announcers were outraged at that call in the 9th. They were the ones yelling and screaming about the umpire. I’m sure the Detroit announcers were doing something similar, but I was amazed to hear this from the Cleveland crew.

Watching the replay on the net, confirms that the umpire blew the call. Out by at least 1/2 a step. I didn’t see the 8th inning close play yet, but I am going to assume the announcer got that right too.

There are very few times we are able to witness perfection in any activity. A perfect game in baseball is very rare indeed. Funny how human error eliminates this perfection. Good life lesson that.

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  1. I would have been shocked to hear it from the Cleveland announcer, too. Putting aside their pride in favor of perfection?

  2. That’s a bit of a bummer, but at least your team still had the victory.
    Hmm, getting to pay attention to a ball game, what’s that like?

  3. Also considering the across the lake rivalry, it was something to hear. Of course they were almost as outraged by the call in the 8th. But for just a second I thought they threw it over to the Detroit side of the press box.

  4. You should have heard the complaints when I tried to officiate softball games as a PE sub. Can’t just make *one* bad call, no not me. 😀

  5. And since the Cubs were rained out tonight and I’m kid-free, I’m trying to find the tied ‘Hawks game – no one cares enough about the Stanley Cup Finals to put it on tv?!?

  6. Umpire admitted mistake (ironically, he’s BEHIND the plate today). Selig won’t overturn. Should instant replay be changed to allow more than challenging home runs? Thoughts? I feel for Galarraga (who seems to be “ok”) but it’s over now.

  7. I don’t know that instant replay should be changed, but I definitely think there should be allowance for overturning by the commissioner in extreme cases. There will be abuse, of course, but in this case, EVERYONE thinks the call was wrong, including opposing team AND offending umpire… PLUS there was SO MUCH at stake. The commissioner should DEFINITELY be allowed to overturn in this case. MUCH CONGRATS to Mr. Galarraga who handled himself with the utmost grace and demonstrated the epitome of good sportsmanship.

  8. While I complained about the umpire and have complained about umpires for years, I don’t like the idea of replays in baseball. The limited use they have for homeruns is about all would accept. I really don’t see anything wrong with conferences by the umpires.

    Of course I do know how the umpires call these plays at first. Listen for the ball to hit the mitt, and watch the bag for the feet. With the crowd noise, the umpire may have missed the sound of the ball hitting the mitt. If that is the case he should have asked for help.

    I do keep wondering about the other call in the 8th. I haven’t seen any replays of that, and I’ve been searching the MLB sites.

    I also wonder what the reaction would have been if the call had been out, but the runner was really safe. Ahhh the “what ifs” in the world.

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