Stars out at night


Well, I got a small telescope for my birthday in February.  I was able to take it out for a short time soon after that, but the weather was too cold to stay out long.  The other night, I was able to take it out for a longer period.  It wasn’t too bad for the size and design, maybe someday I’ll write a review for it. 

What was really nice about that night was being able to share this night with one of my daughters.  Normally I spend my nights alone with the stars, but it was nice to have a little company.  It was still a bit chilly, so the night was shorter than it could have been.  She’s taking an astronomy course and was doing a ‘lab’ assignment.  It felt good to help her out. 

This got me thinking of her growing up.  Back when she was in grade school, I gave a talk to her class about telescopes and astronomy.  I brought in my telescope, and a few items of astronomical interest.  Later that school year, we had a ‘star party’ for kids at the school.  I’m not sure if it sparked any future interest in that class, but it was made my evening.  Their questions were intelligent, and they seemed to enjoy themselves.

I was quite a bit younger when I saw my first telescope.  I was about 5 or 6, when my dad brought home a small scope.  I don’t know what we looked at, but I was hooked on astronomy from that very day.  Funny how I still remember that day.  What in your life changed your outlook on life?

4 thoughts on “Stars out at night”

  1. My husband found out he was adopted at the age of 23 – had no idea before that… something like that could really change a person’s outlook on life! As for me, I will have to think about it since it’s late and my brain is fried – interesting question. Good to see you blogging!

  2. taylhis I should ask my eldest about that. She found out she was adopted (by me, her mom was her bio mom) at 23 also. I wonder how big of an outlook change that made.

    I’m having a blast so far… Bloggin that is.

  3. Yes, blogging is fun. Especially when you learn that people from Sweden read your blog. EVERYONE WINS!!!! HAHAHA

  4. Yeah, the finding out you weren’t my real dad was a serious thing, but honestly, for me it didn’t change my outlook. I’m still “me”. I do feel that I have The Answer on the whole “Nature vs Nurture” argument, though. I think my biggest “Outlook Change” would be when my baby sister was born. Being so little and so early, I was terrified she would die. Before that, only old people died. Suddenly, I realized we were ALL mortal. It was a very frightening epiphany, and I still have an overwhelming urge to protect her.

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