When did it get so late?


I was checking out ThinkGeek and was surprised to see that the time just flew by. I thought for sure it was only 11:00, and it is really 12:30. I guess I found a few things I liked.

USB turntable for old vinyl records
thinking putty (silly putty with an attitude)
USB cell phone booster (oops out of stock)
Crayola Pen (looks like a crayon but is a pen)
R2D2 USB hub (I have a daughter who would like that)
USB rocket launcher
RC cars
RC helecopters
RC robots
Laser Pointers
and Astronaut Ice Cream!

And the list goes on and on. How much of this do I need? Not much. The most useful item seemed to be the USB cell phone booster. That may be nice for out in the country, but $100 nice? I’m not sure.

Oh well it is past 12:30 now, and I should get some sleep…

5 thoughts on “When did it get so late?”

  1. Yay! ThinkGeek. They have Mad Scientist Building blocks, and braille, sign language, and Chinese alphabet blocks. You, know, for when you have geekling grandchildren. [hint, hint]

  2. Cool things indeed… Reminds me of that catalog they’d have on the airplanes that were full of toys for rich execs – back in the days when I used to take flight.

  3. Oh, yes… I think I know the magazine of which you speak! I think it is about time for another flight so I can look at one. RC cars, helicopters, and Star Wars goodies, Oh, My!

  4. Guess I don’t need to add anything- all of you are more well-versed with Thinkgeek than I. 😉

    Okay- yes they do have interesting stuff, but like Sharper Image it’s pretty much just a window shopping experience for me.

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