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After the wonderful drive back from Florida, I went out an purchased a GPS system. My good friends take theirs with them everywhere they go (just about) and use it to find hotels, restaurants, and other fun places. Further adventures with “Jill” can be found here. I haven’t used mine long enough yet for the voice to be accepted, but right now she is called Samantha. That’s the name the voice came with, but I do find it slightly annoying (the voice, not the name).

My daughter and son-in-law (one of three pairs, take your guess), took me to a place called The Blarney. It was a great little place. I’m not sure how authentic it keeps to real pubs in Ireland, but it was a fun time. I had hoped my talking map would get me there, but we didn’t have the address, and it wasn’t in the restaurant list, we made our best guess. Lucky for us there was no ball game, the Blarney is just a short walk away from the Mudhens stadium. This is going to be on my list of places to go. I’m not a bar scene person but this was a lot of fun. The Bangers and Mash was fantastic. I have to add this place to my talking map.

I’m hoping I can find some downloads for places like this on the GPS site. I’m wondering now if there are other Irish or English pubs in the area. Or maybe a coffee shop or two? Other places I may want to see. Who knows.

The funny thing is, I picked the GPS up because I wanted to make a side trip on my way back from Florida. I didn’t have a map, and I didn’t use Google Maps or Mapquest to plan my trip back. By the time I got an Atlas, I was passed any good way of getting to where I wanted to be. That may have been a blessing, since my truck battery decided to give out, but that was the cause of me getting more tech stuff. Really, it wasn’t because I wanted another toy. I’m a very good map reader, and I like plotting my own course. I’ve tested the GPS already and it mapped the same travel routes that I did. So do I think like a computer? You don’t have to answer that one.

So be on the lookout for more adventures with my talking map. I hope I don’t get sent directions to turn into a lake… 😉

2 thoughts on “Talking maps”

  1. I have ridden with someone with a Jill. It was ok, but I like the challenge of a good map. Getting lost is part of a fun trip, and with me navigating, I’m almost sure to screw up somewhere or other!

    I guess if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to take the “scenic route” a Jill (or Samantha) would come in handy.

    Have fun in your adventures!!! 😀

  2. I like maps too, so sometimes we use a map or just wander off somewhere, and if we get lost, we have Jill as a back up. We needed her just last night when we got lost in the fog – she and the car’s compass saved us hours of backtracking or worse! Jill’s POI list isn’t very up-to-date though… maybe we will also look for downloads to enhance it, sounds like you have this issue too. As many times as she’s gotten us lost (GPS’s are extra frustrating when there’s construction!), overall I’d say the benefits outweigh the bad stuff. There are lots of fun options for down the road too – you can turn them into movie players or go geocaching – that is something I would eventually like to try. And fyi – the GPS worked great on the boat too!

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