Quick Post on an iPad


I am getting to borrow an iPad from work this evening. Very easy to use, but touch typing on a touch screen makes me look at my hands.

This one has a cool astronomy program that I will try out if it is clear tonight. I will have to be on the lookout for the new pad computers when they arrive on the market.

More later…

6 thoughts on “Quick Post on an iPad”

  1. Yep, clouds…

    Still, I found the moon when all I could see was a bit of brighter cloud.

    I could see where that software would be useful to help point out or learn the night sky. Not sure it justifies a $500 plus investment. Maybe when the windows or android pads come out they will be less expensive and have the same type of apps.

  2. The problem with the iPad, as far as I have heard, is that is has virtually no multi-tasking ability. As I sit here reading your blog, checking my email, going through Facebook, playing my apps, and working a game of solitaire into the slow moments, I can’t imagine what I would do without multitasking. That reminds me, need to go find that song…

  3. Except for the solitaire game, all of the others (oops no flash games) are done in a browser, multiple pages could be opened in the browser. I really didn’t miss it. The thing is put together well and faster in normal tasks than most netbooks. Loads screens faster than the windows computer I use at home.

  4. I hesitate to support Apple these days- I don’t care for their attitude. That’s all I’ll say about that. The iPad does seem nice though, as a supersized iPod Touch.

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