May not seem like much..


Something good has happened with my internet connection. For some reason, I am now getting a much better signal at home with my cell-modem. I can actually watch most YouTube videos in streaming mode (some longer ones I catch up with the stream). I can listen to streaming radio. And I can easily watch sport downloads from I’m hoping that this is a sign of good things to come and not just a temporary weather fluke.

I’ve been told that the towers in the area are getting some upgrades, so maybe my recent speed increase has something to do with that. I’m now averaging over 600 kbps. Earlier, I was averaging 150 to 200 kbps with bursts to 300 kbps. On the old dial up I had before this, I was averaging 15 kbps (yes, that slow). So, I am now accessing the internet 20 times faster than my old dial up…

Edited to add that I maxed out at over 1000 kbps this evening!! Something is up with the connection

Isn’t technology grand?

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