Black holes and the end of the world…


Anybody else see a theme forming… And this topics color is black..

Has anyone seen some of the headlines about the new Super Collider? Bunch of doom and gloom coming from somewhere.

Things like “Fear Looms”, “Doomsday machine to start”, “Collider triggers end-of-world fears”, “Black Holes may devour the Earth”, “Will Collider destroy the Earth”, “Giant wild goat kills thousands”.. Ok, I made that last one up. I understand that this is cutting edge science that very few people understand, but does the media have to make the stories so out there. The chance of something like this happening is very small, almost non-existent. The only reason it isn’t non-existent is that nobody really “knows” what will happen when they finally get a collision. There are some very good ideas, but nobody “knows” yet. They haven’t done the experiment yet.

Tomorrow there is a chance that the collider will create mini-black holes that will swallow the Earth. Tomorrow the Sun could explode and fry the Earth. Tomorrow a big rock could hit the Earth and send us flying out of orbit. Tomorrow a space ship (that’s no moon, it’s a space station) could blow us to bits. Tomorrow the Sun could rise, and then set and the day will be normal. I have an idea of which of these things will happen, but I don’t “KNOW” which one will happen. I’ll check tomorrow just to be sure.

May the Force be with you when that space station decides to blow the Earth to bits. We aren’t even part of the Imperial Senate….

4 thoughts on “Black holes and the end of the world…”

  1. I saw the headlines but didn’t click – that kind of stuff is way over my head. I grew up next to Fermilab in Illinois – think they do something with colliders over there – think it’s where they discovered the quark. Anyway, we used to ride our bikes in there all the time and there was this weird looking thing on the bike path, and when I asked my parents what it was, they said, an old atom smasher. The whole ride home, I was trying to figure out why they would want to smash my cousin Adam. Interesting place though…

  2. I am writing a response to this message so the world must have survived- or did it? Maybe everything has imploded and you only think you’re reading a response, but in fact you’re in the great beyond…

    Naa. Not Biblical. We must still be here. 🙂

  3. No, there is nobody out here….

    Actually we can all breath easier for a week or two. They aren’t planning on going full speed on the collider for a while. Since there have been other colliders around the world doing much the same thing, we only have to worry when they get to speeds that have never been tried before…

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