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I was taking a look at Teachertube today and found something interesting. Now this is something I have yet to have to do as a substitute- play a video from the teacher. Apparently this teacher left video instructions on what the kids would do in class that day. If I were his sub I think I might appreciate it as he was able to go into some detail on how to navigate a website on the Pilgrims. Sure, I could follow written instructions and show the kids myself, but in case of an internet-illiterate sub this would be the next-best thing to the teacher being there. Take a look for yourself. Teachertube is not yet a valid site for embedding so you will have to click the link:

Substitute Teacher

Oh, and while you’re there check out The Amazing Dancing Sub. Now I once sang a bit for a class after I told them I was in a show and they wanted a sample, but dance? I don’t think so… This guy definitely has a unique calling card for teachers (note the end of the video). 😀

Link for our admin (hint,hint!)


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