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Are you board of movies?  Yes, that spelling mistake was intentional.  You see, this post is related to movies that are about board games.  There was an article in the local newspaper a few days ago about this topic (link below).  I’m sure we all remember the 1985 movie based on the game Clue, the 1993 chess movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, and of course the Robin Williams movie based on the fictional game Jumanji (along with its Williams-less sequel Zathura).  Now Hasbro and Universal apparently now want to bring us Monopoly, Candy Land and Ouija.  Needless to say, due to my faith I will not be seeing the last in any form.  Depending how the reviews go, I may or may not see the first two either.  Candy Land??  I can only guess this will be a feature for children meaning that I know of a certain Ohio couple who will be seeing it as they have four young ones, at least three of which will likely be interested when it is released.  Anyway, I tire of writing this entry so soon after the last so just click the link below for the news story:  😉

Hasbro rolls the dice on board game movies

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