Moving day


Hey, watch out- will ya? Get that house outa’ the middle of the road! Er- house? In the road? It must be Mount Prospect’s Central School. Today was the day they moved the 1896 schoolhouse to its new location by the Mount Prospect Historical Society. This building was saved recently when funds were raised to move it from its old location, where it would have been torn down to make way for progress. Unfortunately, the schoolhouse still has to wait for the new foundation to set. Once it does, they will have to lift it again off it’s temporary spot and plop it down where it will hopefully stay for awhile. Next, they will need to raise some money to renovate it and finally will hopefully open it for tours (just a guess), at a reasonable cost of course. You can find the story by clicking the picture below. Oh, I hope the driver didn’t speed with his 105,000 pound load…

Another story link is:  Mount Prospect Historical Society moves Central School

3 thoughts on “Moving day”

  1. …to make way for progress…

    Hmmm… let me guess, progress = A Super Walmart, 2 Starbucks, and a CVS?

  2. Well, the land is owned by a church, so the definition of progress is up to them I guess. The article mentioned a parking lot…

  3. an empty parking lot… now there is progress. Or more like 2 Super WMs, 4 Starbucks, a strip mall, and a bannk.

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