Drop the candy and put your hands up!


Okay, it wasn’t an arrest but apparently an 8th grade student got in trouble for buying a bag of Skittles of all things. Not pot, not meth, but Skittles. This boy was suspended, stripped of his title as class vice-president, and uninvited form an honors dinner as a result of this episode. What next, expulsion for running in the hall? I realize this school has a rule banning candy sales (according to the article), but this is just going overboard. Read for yourselves:

Connecticut 8th-grader suspended for buying Skittles in school

2 thoughts on “Drop the candy and put your hands up!”

  1. Totally ridiculous and over the line, of course. I was talking to Chris about this the other day. When are they going to let parents do the parenting? I realize that there are lots of bad ones out there who want someone else to do the job for them, but for the rest of us, they can’t make rules and laws that will govern every situation! This conversation sprung from the story of the Crestwood mom who was arrested for leaving a sleeping child in a warm locked car while she walked yards away to take her other kids to donate to the salvation army. I especially agree with someone’s post about this story who said – when she got arrested, weren’t all the kids now alone while she was in the police car? Story here: http://dailyherald.com/story/?id=153218
    Nice to see they dropped the charges though!

  2. Yes. Overzealous officer in this case- must have *seen* that the mom didn’t walk into the store, or at least where she came from when she walked back.

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