Can’t we all just get along?


This was a favorite line of one of my past coworkers. Speaking of coworkers, this isn’t a story about students not getting along- it’s about two middle school teachers! Someone tell these two that they’re supposed to be role models! Click link for story.

Teachers Who Got in Fist-Fight Arrested

And just so I don’t have to write another post, there’s a link on that page about a school staff member dying his hair green for St. Pat’s day. The principal apparently wasn’t a fan of the day…

Udpate: News item scrolled off the links. Here it is:

Educator Sent Home for Dyeing Hair Green

3 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along?”

  1. Nice… it takes all kinds… the district spokesperson said “Teachers are supposed to be role models for students, and with the teachers fighting in the hall, they are not setting a good example.”
    Not setting a good example is quite the understatement! And I didn’t see the other link off that page?
    Unrelated – hear you guys are supposed to get more snow. It might impact my mom’s visit here tomorrow. The kids will be BEYOND CRUSHED!

  2. “..they have no been back at the school since the incident took place.” Typo perhaps or maybe Morat was reporting for the news. But, seriously, I wonder how many kids were in the hall cheering them on. Or maybe the students were more “adult” than the adult teachers.

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