Boy saves bus from major accident


No license? Who cares? Usually this would be a bad conversation, such as an underage child taking dad’s car for a spin (my brother has done this before, so has my nephew…). This time however this boy was saving everyone on the bus from experiencing the sudden effects of being hit by a truck. He didn’t really drive it, just steered it out of the way. The driver had left to answer the call of nature, but somehow this bus came out of gear and started rolling downhill. This 11-year-old, thinking only of his older brother also on board, chose not to jump off like some others, but instead to save both him and his brother by stopping the bus. Click link to read on…

Boy, 11, steered bus to avoid semi

2 thoughts on “Boy saves bus from major accident”

  1. I’m remembering a movie, Holy Matrimony where a 12-year-old drives a pickup like he’s been doing it for years in a Hutterite village, but when he crosses the border he has to switch seats and let his dead brother’s wife (now his wife- watch the movie!) drive. She could barely drive it since it was a stick shift. 😀

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