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An interesting story hit the Christian school news recently about one girls high school team that beat another in basketball 100-0.  No, that’s not a typo.  There has been much drama about it since Christians are of course supposed to reflect Christ and show Christ-like behavior at all times.  The principal of the winning school apparently felt that the team did not in this extremely lopsided victory and made a formal apology to the other school.  Their school after all had a winning team and the other one hadn’t won a game in the last four seasons.  The coach of the team felt the apology was in error and respectfully disagreed with it.  Shortly after, he was fired.  Just from this, it may seem that the coach was in the wrong and should have been fired, but from here it just gets interesting.  The coach had apparently just a few years ago led this school from lopsided losses to their current winning team.  Also, according to the players they did not try their best on purpose: missing shots, not taking some shots, and generally not playing hard once they racked up 25 points.  From their testimony there was really not much more they could have done as the other coach wasn’t giving up and it would be silly for the winning team to just up and call the game just because they were winning so badly.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Read the articles and let me know what you think.

Original article (mistitled- the principal was the apologetic one)

Article about the coach being fired

Testimony from the coach and players

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9 thoughts on “As the basketball turns”

  1. I guess we have to take Coach Grimes’ comments and coaching at face value. Unfortunately, only the “golden rule” applies in basketball no mercy rule exists. I know of very few schools where lopsided victories and defeats do not happen. I do commend both teams. Dallas for showing character by not throwing in the towel and the winning players for backing off. If the coach really was ruthless, he would have kept his starters in the whole time and continued the press. However, his players probably would have staged a revolt judging from comments made. Sometimes the size of the school makes it seem unfair when a team goes up against far more opposing school of the same number of students. Our HS boys just played the 6th ranked team in the state but they were in our division. I asked why they would be on the schedule in the first place.

  2. Oh… we lost by about 60. But when I was in high school, we would always be fearful of that one school who always dominated the girl’s in the area. It was not uncommon for them to beat us by 60-80 points. And there is a LONG story to go along with that.

  3. I’m far from a good basketball player, but I’m wondering how hard it is to let the other team score a basket or two. If your up by 50 or more in the second half, I would even try fouling them to let them shoot a free throw or two. 100 to nothing, the winning team may have been playing two hard.

  4. Hmm. Good ideas justj. I guess there was more that they could have done. Even four points or so is better than zero. How common are shutouts in basketball anyway? As lopsided as your school’s scores sometimes were, were there ever any shutouts, jamiahsh?

  5. A team from Russia lost 272-0 in the 1970s. Also, a Michigan high school girls basketball team lost 61-0 to the third-ranked team in the state in 2004. Around the same time in the DC area, Eleanor Roosevelt (girls) beat Cardozo 108-0!

  6. It does go back to the attitudes then as opposed to the outcome. Whether the coach was in the right or the wrong, I am sure he won’t be jobless for long with his record.

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