Back At Good Ol’ EJS


Ok… I must have been mistaken to think that I previously posted on my small junior high school’s science teacher and his intriguing way of chastising craziness in the classroom.  Mr. Stoll had a copy of the 6,7, and 8th grade spelling books.  Every week, there was a list of 20 spelling words that we had to learn.  In science class, if a student stepped out of line, he had to write that list of 20 words 15 times.

On two very rare occurrences, I found myself on the short end of that punishment (and almost a third time).  The first time (the only time I remember the particulars but I know I had one more) was at the sink following an experiment as we were cleaning up.  I guess I got a little carried away with the water because all of a sudden I heard the dulcet tones of


Another time, my cousin was given his turn.  A classmate had borrowed his pencil and he was attempting to reclaim it.  Apparently, he was a bit more vocal than needed because once again came the all powerful howl:


However, this did not stop Dan.  He was adamant that he did not deserve the cursed punishment.  At the teacher’s suggestion that the fifteen might be turned into thirty, he reluctantly gave up the fight, but recovered the pencil.

How did I fit into this drama you might wonder?  I don’t know why but something about two students fighting over possession of a pencil just struck me as hilarious.  Even after Mr. Stoll inquired whether I would like to practice my spelling skills,  I still found it hard to contain myself much to my cousin’s disbelief.  BTW Dr. Maxwell, if you can help me remember my second time…

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  1. Oh sure, bring me into this. Though I was a bit preoccupied trying to retrieve my writing instrument, I only recall you sitting along side laughing. Perhaps I missed something. But more likely that was enough after I got him in the “15” delivering mood. I really don’t remember the whole scenario, but I probably was inquiring how I was to write my spelling words when someone else had my pencil. The thief should have at least gotten the same punishment.

  2. is that why it is always inevitably the person going with the flow of traffic that gets the ticket instead of the lead car?

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