Holy Bologna, Batman


Sometimes a movie franchise which begins on a promising note can take a big leap downhill. One case would be the Batman films began by Tim Burton in 1989. The original Batman was dark, very atmospheric, close to the comics began in 1939. By the time Batman and Robin was made, the movies were an all out farce. In 2005, enough time had gone by to attempt a rebirth of sorts with Batman Begins.

Batman and Robin ended the franchise for several reasons. George Clooney did not a Batman make. He even considered the performance terrible. Perhaps he wanted to be part of a sure-fire money making movie series but upon reading the script found himself in trouble.

The villains were lame. Mr. Freeze was a carry over from the 60s television show and was a laughable character at best. Arnold Schwarzenegger seems well cast in movies in which he can deliver memorable catch phrases (Hasta la vista, baby; I’ll be back; Chill out). That seems to what he does best in any movie he is in to say nothing of his ability to govern the richest, most populous state in the country.

Another great big flaw was in costume design. In some awful anatomical promotion, a cod piece was added to the Bat-costume. To add even more insult, nipples were added to the chest area. These may not have been so noticable had it not been necessary to blatantly display both in close up shotsbatman-and-robin-6.jpg. This must have been an attempt to promote the new and improved Bat-suit. And who to blame for this…. the director himself, Joel Schumaker (who should take all the blame for this mess).

After the success of Batman Begins, one can hope that the superhero will once again return to the movies in a good way.

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  1. OH, NO Batman Forever Was good. Jim Carrey was great as the Riddler. Tommy Lee Jones was good, too. Batman & Robin was hideous. Totally screwed up the legend…. Batgirl is supposed to be Commissioner Gordon’s daughter; not Alfred’s niece to name one.

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