Something to Blog About!!


As you know I really don’t blog too much…  Er…  At all!  But I do have something to blog about today — MY GIRLS ARE HOME!!!  Waaaaahhhhhoooooo!!

Our three little girls were with Grandma for a week (actually, a little over a week) as they are every summer.  The girls really love going to Grandma’s house and Lisa and I really enjoy the time we have to indulge in each other.  This year Lisa and I got to do some really fun stuff too.  We just had the greatest time together (with Beeber).  But, the girls return home is always a joyous occasion — it is so great to have them home!  With much of the summer still ahead of us I am sure we will have soooo much fun.

That is all — no mega-post from me…  I just needed to get the excitement out — THE GIRLS ARE HOME!!!!

6 thoughts on “Something to Blog About!!”

  1. If you thought about it, I’m sure you would have plenty to blog about. I’m sure your lovely wife can’t write about everything that happens with your family and friends.

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