Cutest Bunny Ever!!


Our kids had two snow days off school this week, so what better activity for a family full of animal lovers than to visit the pet store?  You can see where this is going…  we went looking for 1 baby rat, and we came home with 2 baby rats and a bunny.  One ridiculously cute bunny as yet without a name!  There have been a lot of contenders, but we just haven’t found any perfect ones yet.  The leading ones so far are Tigger, Snow Bunny, and Arcy.  Arcy is like a feminine version of R.C. which stands for Ridiculously Cute.  I really like Tigger even though we THINK she’s a girl bunny, but when I tried calling her Tigger it didn’t click.  Here’s a video, and more suggestions are welcome in the comment box below:

And the new rats:

10 thoughts on “Cutest Bunny Ever!!”

  1. Good point Mom, although Tigger is also a Disney name! Though like I said, it just didn’t click. Maybe I will try calling her Thumper because I like that name too.

  2. With those ears, how about Droopy? 😀

    In the video I kept seeing a puppy instead of a rabbit. Then she would turn her head and it would be quite clear what she really was!

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