Diamonds and Roses


Last night was Kathrines’s 6th Annual Recital (it was my second).  I began the day going for one last run-through (for both of us as she accompanied me).  Following my triumphant gig a little more than a month ago, I was challenged to get out of my Musical Theatre box and try something a little more artsy.  “The Little Irish Girl” was a fun piece which not only allowed me the opportunity to attempt an Irish brogue but also a chance to portray the gentleman suitor and the titular figure of the piece along with the “pigs that number seven.”  Must have left them at the “cabin”.

Following my rehearsal, I had time to come back home and relax for a few hours and bake the cookies I was taking (I think the Acus’ will have more than a few cookies for a while).  I was told that there was a great shortage for the reception 6 years ago.  The young man who informed her of this had a plate containing 7 cookies!  Good call that!  So for each subsequent recital, more than enough parents or performers step up and provide.

Last year, the students were divided up into two separate shows to allow for the limited confines of the Little Theater.  Carol and I were the final performance of the night and were sequestered in the green room so that M. And Mme. Thenardier could be revealed in magnificent fashion.  Last night, I was the second student on stage following Davey Jones whom I thought had passed on a few months ago (but no, this was not the lead singer of the Monkees… I think I may have mentioned him in last year’s wrap).

Because I selected the piece little more than a month ago, I was pleased with the result.  Members of the audience must have thought so, too!  After my performance, I sat with Tiff, Keith, and Trudles who all were complimentary.  At intermission and at the reception, Mr. Ed (who delighted the audience with a glorious performance of “All Glory, Laud, and Honor” on the church’s piano) remarked how amazed he was with my voice.  Other audience members remembered “Master of the House.”  Glad I am so memorable!

I was happy that I got to sit in the audience for the rest of the evening.  This gave me the chance to see the other students and ensembles from young to more seasoned.  There was a mix of genres from Christian to Country to Elvis to Lance’s “Orphan’s Tears” (a rap) and a little Broadway.  Kathrine’s little guy, Drew, gave his first performance on voice and guitar which was really cool!  Over the last several weeks, I have heard Rob practicing “Burnin’ Love” with Kathrine backing him on percussion (he is wrapping up as I arrive for my weekly lesson).  The only thing missing was the high pitched female (or is it Elvis in falsetto) “AH, AH, AH” towards the end.  I forgot to ask why they were missing.  I also heard one of my favorite pieces of any genre that I must track down…. think I will save that for another time.

There were also door prizes.  Inside two of the programs which I distributed, there was a rather huge drawing of a rose.  Totally unmistakable.  The two program holders each received a rose bush.

Not sure about the rest of the audience, but I thought the recital was lovely.  Although sitting through 24 performances might otherwise seem dull, each student gave their best, entertained and flowed.

I saw someone standing up taking pictures throughout the evening so one or two may be coming.


5 thoughts on “Diamonds and Roses”

  1. Congrats on what sounds like a good performance. I’m thinking of trying out for Music Man in a couple weeks. I’m sure I have no chance at Hill as he is more a lead type than a character (though more character than other lead roles, if that makes sense). Plus it’s a Christian group so my guess would be the two leads will be a real-life husband and wife. I should probably try out for his sidekick, Marcellus. You’ve been in the show- what do you think? I’m a little worried that they have him listed as a tenor though- will lyric baritone be enough I wonder?

  2. Marcellus sings Shipoopi if I’m not mistaken which if memory serves is more of a Tenor piece but wouldn’t hurt to look into it. Yes the Professor is one of those rare character lead parts. The great Centauri Robert Preston was a great character actor. I would also not be adverse to auditioning for Mayor Shinn (unless the group would be looking for another couple to fill the parts). Good luck with the audition!

    I’m going to audition for Sound of Music coming on December. Definitely hope to stretch myself. Uncle Max seems like a cake walk for me.

  3. I would prefer a singing role, but I am aware of the limitations that could prevent my getting the two roles I mention, one of which is my age. The mayor would not be a terrible role in light of that.

    Centauri Robert Preston? The only Centauri I know of {…looks up on IMDB…} he *was* in The Last Starfighter! One of his last roles apparently. I didn’t know that.

    Good luck yourself with Sound of Music when that happens!

  4. Thanks, D! How are you at harmonizing? There is the barbershop quartet. Don’t think there are many supporting roles that have a featured solo.

    I always thought Centauri was Harold Hill from another world just with out the music.

  5. I did get that picture when I watched the movie. Actually, I think I’m pretty decent at harmonizing. I know I often come up with a harmony part when singing some worship songs. Bad me- my focus should be elsewhere when singing those songs… 😮

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