5 Days More


Well… the last lesson before the recital went very well indeed.  The second half of my duet adds much to the piece and it should come off with much hilarity.  I have ALWAYS wanted to perform this piece and it was one of several I had picked out on my first lesson back in July (THANK YOU, C for recommending that I start taking them).

I would like to invite all of my fellow tangenteers to the event on Tuesday May 10th at the Little Theatre.  The recital is divided into two groups.  The first group of 12 takes the stage at 6PM, the second act (the one I am part of ) rises at 7:30.  Because of the limited amount of seating and the number of performers, I am inviting only a select few family and really close friends.

Hopefully, many of you will be able to come cheer us all on. 🙂

6 thoughts on “5 Days More”

  1. Few questions…
    Is it a show with 2 acts or rather 2 groups – are people coming for just one group at a time? Normally at recitals, the polite thing to do is to stay for the whole thing and not leave in the middle or come late, so I’m wondering if this is set up differently because of the lack of seating.
    Also, how long will the second act run? 7:30 is a late start, and it is a school night.
    Thanks for the invite, but I’m not sure if it’s doable. Tuesday is our ONLY night with the kids next week because of prior commitments, and I’m not sure how I feel about giving it up. Also we have Sammie’s birthday party to plan and shop for, if not Tuesday, there is no other time next week.

  2. My thinking was the same as yours, but at my lesson I was given the impression that given the number of students, it will be divided into two groups. Totally understand if you can’t make it given the hour and your busy week ahead 😉

  3. I have to be there around 7. My group is slated to start at 7:30. I am 98% sure that they will have an opportunity to clear the audience since the 6PM group and the 7:30 group each have 12 performers. And I know a few of the early performers are planning to leave after their group is finished given the late-ish hour.

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