Mystery painting

So, what to post today?  I have spent a wholly unexciting week at home not getting the things done thet I need to, such as attempting to secure a post-school-year job.  There is also the basement and garage over here that need some attention.  And of course the blogging that I’ve ignored- sorry readers and fellow bloggers.  Instead, I have just watched some movies and a lot of recorded TV shows that have built up over the weeks.  There wasn’t even 4th/5th grade ministry at my church this weekend as it’s the last weekend of the month, when they go to service with their parents.  And what a message, by the way- the first of many.  I may just have to comment on the series when my pastor is done with it.  I’ll tell you though it isn’t a very happy topic.  Drama is also on hiatus for a few weeks.

I suppose I could ask for assistance for my brother’s sake.  He is trying to learn more about a painting he just bought.  It’s undoubtedly not worth anything, but he would still like to learn more.  We tried to dig up some information online but failed for the most part.   If there is anything in what we read we didn’t recognize it as pertinent.  In any event, the painting is of a woman over a worn sheet of music.  He tells me his girlfriend’s son tried to play what was visible, but no one recognized it.  It is signed at the bottom Gor 1963.  Is Gor his name?  His initials?  If one of my readers, lurkers even, can help here that would be great.  Here are a couple of photos of the painting.  Ignore the frame- he added that himself.  Thanks.

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  1. I have to come out of hiding….I love a good mystery, so I did some digging. I typed “artist Gor” into a search engine and it led me to an artist by the name of Gor Avetisyan who was BORN in 1963. His style doesn’t really match what your brother bought, but I found it kind of ironic. Please keep me posted if you find anything else out about it. Wouldn’t it be absolutely marvelous if you found it was worth a fortune???

  2. Welcome Mare, and thanks. 🙂

    We did find that one, but I didn’t really know enough about art to be able to match styles so your deeper look was definitely helpful. I suppose a closeup of the signature would be useful to try to match it up with someone. Who knows, maybe Avetisyan changed styles..?

    Believe me, none of us here would mond if it was worth a cool million or two, but I expect it is worth a few less zeroes. 😉

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