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Has there ever been a time in your life you have just had to wait on something?  The anxiety sets in while trying to be patient and it’s difficult to think of anything else.  When a child this anticipation is often felt in birthdays and Christmas when you just can’t wait for that toy you’ve kept bugging mom and dad about.  For parents this sort of anticipation runs in the birth of children when the due date approaches.  I am not married, but I imagine the mother-to-be is anticipating the day when that child is finally out because she’s worn from carrying the baby for the last several months.  For dad, I imagine the stress of waiting on his wife causes him to anticipate the birth.  For both mom and dad, they can’t wait for the baby to be born so the nightmarish hospital visit is over and they can see their baby finally.

Well, as we know my friends C and L are at this time once again in their lives with baby number four, and this blogger is having to just wait on news of what’s going on.  They were to go in Friday to have labor induced and their child born.  It is now two days later and in the absence of news all sorts of things have been going through my head, most of them not helpful in relieving the anxiety.  Is L okay?  Is the baby okay?  Is this just a very long labor or has something unexpected happened, and if so what?  As you can tell this line of thinking goes nowhere good fast.  I keep checking my email and my friends’ blogs- all of them since maybe my OH friends know something I don’t yet know, and I have prayed more than once, but still I am anxious for news.  I pray it’s good news.

Unfortunately I just have to keep waiting…

8 thoughts on “Just waiting”

  1. All is well. They had a healthy 8lb 2oz baby BOY on Friday. Christopher Vincent Avell> I will forward you the email.

  2. I was shocked when you said you had not… I should have checked the “to” list more carefully and helped our admin out. Unintentional I am sure. Hopefully, you can make a trip this way soon. You did get the forward, correct?

  3. Scratch that, I got your forward at the address I use for this blog (not the original email though). I will edit out the email address now. Thanks!

  4. I see what happened. For some reason they sent it to my Live Messenger email. I don’t use that account and never have. It is only there per Messenger requirement (hotmail or passport account)

  5. So sorry Derek! Chris sent out the email and apparently didn’t send it to your correct address! We should have called you and I’m very sorry you had to wait – it must have been awful!

  6. Well, I know now and that’s what is important. I wouldn’t have expected C to think about calling either after what you two went through on Friday. It was just an honest mistake that the wrong email address was used.

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