Just had to post this…


More on my life soon, but in the meantime I saw this and just *had* to post it here considering the season, the animal people some of my readers are, and- oh just watch it already! 🙂  I give you…

3 thoughts on “Just had to post this…”

  1. It’s owl season, is it? 🙂
    I enjoyed the video a lot – thanks for posting it! I did feel really badly for the poor “threatened” owl though… especially during his “turkey” stage. And I wonder, how do you come across something like this? 🙂

  2. Another forum of course! See “Other Venues” on the right—->
    In this case I saw it on Worthy Christian Forums.

    Yes, right- *Owl* season. In case you are not making a funny here, I meant the season implied by the owl’s second transformation… I loved that one- the entire face transformed, complete with narrowed eyes. 😀

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