Happy 1st Day of Spring!


Happy Spring!

Didn’t we just have a (winter!) week of 50°F plus weather, culminating in two days over 60)?  Oh well, that’s Chicago for you! 😮

6 thoughts on “Happy 1st Day of Spring!”

  1. WOW! So you guys did get the snow they were predicting! It’s 45 here and supposed to be 50 tomorrow. I remember just a month ago when anything over 30 felt so nice I didn’t really need a coat – not so much now, I think that 60+ weather spoiled me!
    I don’t envy you; I don’t think even the kids miss the snow. I’ve suppressed the urge to pack away all the snow clothes. I know the day after I do that, we’ll get some snow, so I’ll just wait until April or even May…
    Though I remember the year I chaperoned a pre-school’s field trip to the zoo – it was on May 1st and it snowed. The kids’ juice for snack froze!

  2. I just checked the 10 day forecast, and it’s supposed to get back up to 60 this week – well, here anyway, I don’t know about your side of the lake.
    What’s strange is that it’s supposed to be back in the 40s and raining again for next Saturday – a repeat of the crummy weather this weekend, great.

  3. Back to 47 tomorrow, then 50s, but that doesn’t stop tomorrow from being another day with snow predicted through most of the morning (well, a 30% chance). 😉

  4. Isn’t it loverly how we get 60+ during the week and the weekend goes back to whatever normal is. WHOO HOO HAPPY SPRING!

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