What’s wrong with this picture?



I thought the passing mention of Mr. Gore’s inconvenient half-truth last post would be all I had to say on this topic. That was before I came across this little news item. Apparently Time magazine has took it upon themselves to compare global warming to World War II. And to do so, they took an icon of WWII and changed it to replace the U.S. flag with a tree. This gaffe is enraging veterans everywhere, and rightly so. They had no right modifying such a sensitive image as the one showing the hard work our soldiers put in (and heavy death tool they suffered) at Iwo Jima and elsewhere in the war to keep our freedoms alive. Just click on the picture to read more about this atrocity.

P.S. While I don’t believe in the accuracy of the global warming effects we are being force fed, there is definitely something going on. Polar ice caps have been melting among other things. I am just highly skeptical we can do anything about it. Yes, all the carbon emissions we put out are having an effect on our lives- after all CO and CO2 are poisonous to our bodies. We used to simply call this pollution. Now we are trying to pass draconian laws that will bankrupt us with the expense before it has any significant effect on the carbon monoxide/dioxide levels in our atmosphere.

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