This hobby sucks…


Okay, not that kind of sucks.  It is very unusual though, that’s for sure.  While other 10-year-olds collect the latest trading cards, one Illinois boy collects vacuum cleaners.  Yes, you read that right.  I know some don’t want to collect old-fashioned things like coins and stamps, but vacuum cleaners?? Here’s the WPTV article:

Unique hobby for a 10 year old boy

Last Update: 8/31 10:05 am


TUSCOLA, IL–Most little boys collect things like baseball cards or hot wheels.

But not the 10-year old Gregory Evans.

He has a thing for vacuum cleaners.

He ‘s been collecting them since he was three years old.

While other kids dream of Disney World, Gregory’s favorite vacation destination is the Hoover Museum.

“I take them apart and see if there’s anything wrong with them,” said Evans.

And the 10 year old is such an expert on vacuums that he can tell which model is running by its sound.

Gregory hopes to work in a vacuum shop when he grows up, if not sooner.

Reported by: Scot England/WAND TV

5 thoughts on “This hobby sucks…”

  1. There is a local television ad that proclaims “This really sucks” now I can’t remember what it is advertising precisely. Something related I’m sure. You don’t want to know how many baseball cards my brother has ruined over the last 30+ years.

  2. he tried to be then got creative with them thereby ruining any chance of having any value whatsoever (“autographing” them himself, for one thing)

  3. That’s cute (the story not Jamy’s brother), but his poor mother – I hope they have enough room in their house to dedicate to this collection!

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