The next big league scandal


Normally I just roll my eyes to yet some other scandal happening in sports.  Athletes are given god-like status by many fans, so why shouldn’t they act like egotistical know-it-alls {sarcasm}?  Today, it seems Little League teams are no longer allowed to use the names of actual major league teams due to trademarks.  Not just the logos- the names too.  That is, unless MLB gets its share of the pie by forcing the Little League to use their “approved” uniform manufacturer.  How cold can their greedy hearts get?  Now, to be fair, the trademark office requires companies to actively enforce compliance or risk losing their trademarks; and the MLB could have been threatened with that from said trademark office, but I really doubt it.  I remember when I was in intermediate league one year and was on the Astros.  A friend of mine was on the Phillies.  Today we would probably be on the Oranges and Greens thanks to this ridiculous enforcement.  What happened to just giving a nod and a wink because you support youth sports?  It sounds like they support $$$ more.  Here’s a link to the story:

Major League Baseball Tells Little Leaguers: We Own Uniform Rights

5 thoughts on “The next big league scandal”

  1. That seems to be the greediest thing I’ve heard of recently. I was on the Mets, Tigers, Angels, and one other I forgot. Hmmm, would that be the purples, blues, reds (nope can’t be the Reds now can it)
    I would hope they can work something out.

  2. Oh for Pete’s sake. I was a White Sox, Blue Jay, Tiger, and Yankee until I realized that I was just meant to be a better sports fan, unless it is a fun game of sandlot, cutthroat theatre softball.

  3. 😀 I’m not cut out for sports either, jamiahsh. In fact, the Astros were the worst team that year. I was right field on that team. The only time my bat ever connected with the ball was a pop fly for an easy out. Maybe never having played baseball before I was 12 had something to do with it…? Well, I did do tee-ball actually, but that was five years before and didn’t quite improve my batting skills. 😮

  4. Our league had local businesses sponsering us until I was older. One year I was on Dr. Potempa’s Drill Team – sponsered by a dentist. Then we started playing other towns nearby, and I remember that they had real teams’ names. Our nemisis was the West Chicago White Sox. I always wanted to be on the Cubs. One year we got to choose our own name, and being dorky kids who thought we were being funny, we chose the Bulls – did not follow their championship lead however.

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