Great Moments are Born…


I’m not a sports fan at all, but as a kid’s ministry leader and former substitute teacher (if not a parent) I can find certain actions by kids cute.  This was a speech done at the opening day Red Sox game by a 5-year old boy.  He was very articulate, and great memorization (I would guess it was memorized) for his age.  Warning- you might be offended if you are a fan of a certain New York team or if you dislike strong language (not f-bomb strong, but fairly close) coming from a child’s mouth, though he only uses such language once I believe.

4 thoughts on “Great Moments are Born…”

  1. He ought to go home to bed and stay there until he knows what the colorful metaphor means! BOOO… THROW THE BUMB OUT! Whoever Herb Brooks is he definitely was no Yankee. Give me truly inspiring speech by Lou Gehrig or Captain Jeter anyday!

  2. I thought it was adorable – strong language and all; that kid didn’t know what that phrase really meant, anyway.
    Opening day at Fenway, eh? That means they were hosting the Yankees, yet I didn’t notice any mention of this on Jamiahsh’s blog… must not have been amused 🙂
    I especially liked the looks on the Boston players’ faces – they looked like they couldn’t believe it!

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