Did I post about this before?


If so, consider this an update.  A few months ago I found out about a talented Japanese boy named Yuto Miyazawa on the Ellen show (found out via the ‘net of course- I don’t watch shows like Ellen).  This boy at just nine years of age plays a mean guitar.  Here is the clip of him on the aforementioned show:

Too unfortunate he chooses someone like Ozzy Osbourne to imitate, but I suppose they can’t all choose more godly heavy metal like Disciple, Kutless, or Red. 😉 ) The update, if this is one, is that Ozzy just had Yuto as a guest at a concert the other night he did for Blizzcon 2009.  Here’s a clip:

Put me on the crazy train, but I think Yuto did a better job singing the song on the Ellen show than Ozzy did at Blizzcon!  Okay, to be fair Ozzy had just finished a set, and to put this politely he ain’t getting any younger.  I did have to cringe though when he dropped the f-bomb right in front of Yuto, twice.  So what do you all think?

9 thoughts on “Did I post about this before?”

  1. Well, I’m no guitar judge, but it sounded pretty good to me…
    And yes, who would have guessed that Ozzy isn’t capable of being eloquent around kids… Hopefully the kid didn’t understand enough English to understand the F-bombs… though some words are universal, unfortunately.

  2. From the Ellen clip it does seem that Yuto doesn’t speak any English, but you’re right about the universality of certain words unfortunately.

  3. ExaCTLY and I believe that Ozzy’s speech pattern is slightly more discernable than what’-his name… oh… shoot…. come on…. oh wait it is Ozzy’s speech that is almost totally incoherent, maybe Yuto didn’t understand it. Maybe hours playing guitar hero does have some benefits.

  4. PS – I don’t THINK you posted about this before… but since I can’t even remember what I’ve posted about, don’t count this as the most reliable info!

  5. I don’t think you have, either. I don’t see you as a fan of daytime talk shows was surprised that you said ge was on Ellen until you said you found the clip elsewhere.

  6. Thanks. I know I had viewed the first clip awhile back and it’s the sort of thing I would have posted. I’m too lazy to look back at my posts over the last few months, but at an average of about 1½ posts per week, it shouldn’t be too hard…

  7. Not my favorite music, but that kid can play. Never lost his smile. <– My way of judging playing skill. Never make a strange face at a bad note.

  8. and justj says he doesn’t know anything about musicality. One of the first thing any musician is taught (me, anyway) never show that you’ve made a mistake, but I guess that is true of most anything in life.

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