I Ain’t As Good as I Once Was…


Not to quote Toby Keith, but…  I today am feeling glum.  Back-to-Back shows I have auditioned for and not been cast.  🙁  Joseph and now Little Shop.

I am sure it will be a great show I was just so excited (with the hope) to be a part of it.  I tried out for the voice of the plant and, well, someone else tried out who was better — that’s theatre!

I am just a bit down realizing that never before Joseph had I auditioned for a musical and not made the cut and now…  It is 2-in-a-row and I have to face the facts — I AIN’T AS GOOD AS I ONCE WAS.  Ahh, growing older…  🙁  In fact, the last musical I auditioned for and was cast in was Grease a FEW YEARS ago!  Ugh!

Anyway, some great people auditioned and made Little Shop — some of our new friends from Hicksville auditioned and really did outstanding!  AND THEY MADE IT!!!  🙂

You can see the complete Little Shop cast list here.

It is a real sad realization that my musical theatre “career” has definately passed it’s prime and very well might be over (eneded with Grease! — ugh!).

Oh well.  I wish I had appreciated my God given talents more when I still had them; I was never very confident.  It is ironic that I was never very satisfied with my singing in the past and now I only wish I could have my past talent back — eech!!!

Acting wise I have lost a few steps too — I thought my reading for the voice of Audrey II went really well; though I know I stunk up the place with my “singing” of Love Changes Everything.  Ugh…  This stinks!


12 thoughts on “I Ain’t As Good as I Once Was…”

  1. CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST! Your talent has not gone ANYWHERE! GET THAT OUT OF YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW!!!! You have inspired such greatness from so many especially in someone whose first role in a production you were in was a 30 second walk on and off. I will hunt you down and beat you up. There was nothing we could do about Joseph. One day soon we will use our God (with a capital G) given talents together again. Yes, the caps were meant to be there. Cheer up, pal 😀

  2. But I know… not making the cut for a musical (what I still consider my passion) hurts like… well, you know

  3. Just ignore me… I am having a little bout of self-pity right now. I will get over myself shortly! Jamy handles these things with much more class.

  4. Self-pity bordering on idiocy 😉
    If I had a dollar for every time I had to talk you out of a performance induced doldrum, I’d have my goat farm by now! And, you are also wrong – Joseph was not a casted show. You can’t count yourself as not being cast if NO ONE was cast. I love you, and I sure wish you’d stop being down on yourself… DO IT FOR ME!

  5. Exactly, everyone lost on Joseph. Definitely not a case where EVERYONE WINS! More like a Wooly Sheep!

  6. Hmmm…. Did you only want one part again? And I agree with your lovely wife, you can’t count Joseph. There was no Joseph, it just isn’t happening. I Joseph was just somebody’s daydream.

  7. The bottom line is I sucked it up and now I am pouting like a baby. Yes, I can be immature at times. 🙂 Go figure. It is just depressing for me to feel like my years on stage (in a musical) may be over. But, in the end, I have to stop pouting and whining on my blog and take it like a man.

  8. Now, now Chris- you know you are good, but only so many can get parts. Just let it roll off and move on. Though I didn’t see it myself, I am certain your audition went fine. Your days are only over if you stop trying out.

  9. I third it that Joseph does not count. Chris, you are SO WONDERFUL AND TALENTED. DON’T FORGET THAT!! Now, you say that you apparently “arn’t as good as you once were”, but I don’t know how you can get any better..you can’t fix perfect.. and that is what your talent is. There are way TOO MANY people in the theatre that love you and will NOT let you give up! BTW, thx for all your and Lisa’s help today!

  10. EXCUSE ME! But did I see an addition to your post? Your singing of Love Changes Everything was PHENOMENAL! You were right in one thing… your reading was excellent. We really must work on that l.s.e. issue pal.

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