Chicago Bears – It Was a Total Nightmare!

  • We lost our most celebrated player…  FOR THE SEASON.
  • Our new pro-bowl quarterback had the [statistically] worst game…  OF HIS CAREER
  • We had other key injuries…  THREE OF THEM (yes, three MORE)
  • Our consistently amazing special teams unit made a huge error…  THAT MAY HAVE BEEN FATAL
  • Our defense looked good all game, but when it mattered most…  THEY CHOKED
  • They were not playing a normal Sunday day game, it was a night game…  ON NATIONAL TV
  • It was not any game, it was against the Packers…  PUBLIC ENEMY ONE

I’m going to try and answer some common questions often asked after a game like this…

Q: What positives can you take out of a game like this?
A: Well, I didn’t die while watching it, and that’s always a good thing.  (Good for me anyhow)

Q: Can the team bounce back next week and win big in their home opener?
A: Nope.  They play the Superbowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.  The only thing the Bears can hope for is a Steelers team that gets arrogant and fails to come ready-to-play.  But, hey, this is not just a good team — these are the Superbowl champs!

Q: How big is the loss of Brian Urlacher?
A: Brian who?  Never heard of him.

Q: Should Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner be fired?
A: Football is about the fans, and I’ll tell you — the fans do know the sport.  I personally think Ron is just plain boring for our offense.  If we’re not going to win I at least want us to be exciting…  We have some speed, we have a top running back, and we have a [supposedly?] pro bowl QB.  Lets roll!

Q: Want to make a season record prediction for the Bears this season?
A: No, but I will anyway…  I predict they will start 0-1.  The only noble thing to do is predict that they will go 18-1.  Fifteen wins during the season, 2 wins in the playoffs, and one in the Superbowl!  The only loss being that abomination in Green Bay at the start of the year.  (But if they went 8-8 I wouldn’t say I was surprised)

Q: Would you trade Jay Cutler back to the Denver Broncos for Kyle Orton and some dog food coupons?
A: No.  That is a ridiculous question…  Well…  How much coupon savings are we talking here?

……end of my self interview…… wait, one more thing…..  no, wait, the self interview portion of this blog post is over……

I am doing the rest in bold.  Why, because the Bears lost and I am pouting so I can do what I want!

Oh man, I just remembered…  I am trying to work on being less obnoxious, so off with the bold!

Well folks, the bottom line is that my beloved NFL team the Chicago Bears lost this September 13, 2009 to the Green Bay Packers (see what I did there – all the keywording, it is so Google (Hi Google!) will know my blog post has info about that exact game).  We lost the game, we lost good players, we lost confidence, and I lost my mind…  Oh boy…  Another NFL season is upon us!

8 thoughts on “Chicago Bears – It Was a Total Nightmare!”

  1. I like your post, but not what happened to the Bears! Sorry honey! Stay positive? Adopt the Cubs mantra, “Maybe next year?” Dunno… sorry sweetie. But I love you!

  2. Sorry about that. I’m still involved in the MLB, the NFL can wait until after October…. Now that is something to say, seeing how often my favorite team is involved in Sept and possible October baseball.

    Good luck to the the Bears for the rest of the season.

  3. My father was a die-hard Packers fan, and since he isn’t around anymore you can’t speak ill of him for it! 😛

    We still have his Packers jacket, but nobody will wear it. 😀

  4. Is it safe to speak yet??? Ok, I watched the entire game that night. I thought of you often. I also thought of calling you afterwards to offer my condolences….but then thought better of it. If it helps you any at all, I (being the one who knows very little of football)thought that both teams played rotten…it just ended up the team that shall not be mentioned was just a little less rotten. I’m sorry. Hope you’ve had a better week.

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