King of My Heart


Way, way back may centuries ago (ok…. 1968, if memory serves) two young men composed a 15 minute cantata centering around Joseph, his 11 brothers, and the Amazing coat of many colors given to Joseph by his father, Jacob (aka Israel, or as his sons and their wives used to call him: Dad).  Some 42 years later, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has grown into a full-blown musical extravaganza, a grab bag (if you will) of old time rock and roll, powerful ballad, country, calypso (my favorite piece), and other genres. It was the first to join the ranks of American Idol in that a televised contest allowed the British television viewing public to assist in determining who would don the magnificent garment for the 2007 London revival.

For the newest incarnation, a new song was written for Pharoah, who if you are among the uninitiated, bears a slight resemblance to the king of rock and roll himself.  If memory serves, Lord Webber even offered the role to Presley.

Here is a video of the new song.  Comments please…

At the official website of the show, you can delve into a history of the show, clips, photos, and even try your luck at a quiz devote to the show.  Questions range from the really simple to the outrageously difficult.

3 thoughts on “King of My Heart”

  1. Call me a traditionalist, but I tend to like things the way I first knew them – this being no exception; I’m not a big fan of Pharoah doing a ballad. Sounds very Elvis though which is always a plus, but in my opinion, I like it better when Pharoah resembles Elvis, doesn’t totally act like him.
    Probably my favorite musical, if I had to choose one. Saw Osmond as Joseph when it was in Chicago a few times, very good show.

  2. For this show, I agree taylhis! I’m not even sure where the song is supposed to fit in and it is a bit to “Elvis”-ish to me with all the song nods thrown in. The Pharoah is a cool role, though

  3. The comment does raise a good point. Additions, deletions, or other changes to things which we are accustomed to… Some for the better… others, well…

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