A Sequel to Broadway’s Longest Running Musical


A few months ago, a fellow tangenteer posted about the upcoming continuation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, a musical that first hit the London stage 23 years ago… today on October 9, 1986…WOW!  Since then, it has been translated into 15 languages, seen in over 25 different countries by over 100 million people, and has won over 50 major theatrical awards worldwide… we will just mention the movie version in passing.  Yesterday, the Lord held a press conference in which he announced (once again) that Love Never Dies will be given its West End premiere on March 9, 2010 and in New York in November 2010.  What happened to the triple opening New Year’s Eve gala of 2009?  He began working on a story 15 years ago coming up short.  I guess it takes years to come up with a show when you haven’t produced anything even remotely original and successful (did anyone see Woman in White?  I didn’t either and apparently no one else did either).

From what I gather the plot will find the characters (Raoul, Christine, and the Phantom, himself) at Coney Island ten years following the events in Phantom.  The Phantom has traveled to America and is billed as the top draw at the amusement park while still pining for his true love.  Christine accepts the invitation of an impressario to perform in the States.  Not much there.  Time will tell if love will never die or if it will be buried like all of the most recent Lloyd Webber works.

But you can check out the press release, listen to the overture of the new show, as well as a new Phantom song (“Til I Hear You Sing”…it’s no “Music of the Night”) by visiting the official website.  I wonder… if a show has an official site, does this mean that it is going to be produced or is it just another red herring?

P.S.  If any of my readers are in or around the London area or plan to visit, there is already a site which is offering travel packages for the show.  Maybe that is another sure sign.

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  1. Dunno… but there is something darkly romantic about the setting of the original Phantom… can’t say the same for Coney Island.

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