A Few Of MY Favorite Things

My introduction to musical theatre was in the first grade as I sat in the high school gymnasium watching a performance of a Rodgers and Hammerstein show that I will come to later. Let me just say I was forever changed at that early age. I have to say that I enjoy a musical even more than a regular play because not only do they tell a story through dialog and action but also through music. The best musicals use that music to progress the rest of the action on stage… becoming a character all its own. Some of the greatest musicals also have a third component that I shudder to mention: d-d-d-d-ance (?) or as I prefer to call it stylized movement.

The following is a list of musicals that have found a permanent place within me. I would not necessarily say they were my “favorite.”

I just know I am forgetting at least one.

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  1. South Pacific: First and only show I was a member of the pit orchestra (I was a not-very-good trumpet player in my youth), so that’s the R&H show in my own memories. Let’s see. Scapino! was my first high school show. I only wish I had gotten the acting bug sooner than before my senior year. The first show I was actually in was Cheaper by the Dozen at my church. My first musical was a Wizard of Oz parody at that same church. Other milestones: oh bother- I’m going to make a post on my blog to complete this long thought- thanks for the idea!

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