Two Week Break


BOOOOO!  No break, please.  But I suppose my vocal coach and her family is entitled to some fun over the summer.  I can take this time to scour my books and find more and More and MORE! music to work on… no worries, I won’t kill myself just get some more songs that appeal to me.  Kathrine has offered to make some copies of Conductor pieces, but I still cannot find a copy of “Thuy’s Death/You Will Not Touch Him” a powerful, dramatic duet from Miss Saigon.

I have already copied some music from a few Lloyd Webber shows, some of my favorite Alan Menken/Howard Ashman Disney character pieces, and a few more duets.  I have had a few people state an interest in singing a duet with me so I’m doing my best to find some.  I have a serious one to work on with another tangenteer… wherever she is.  YOOHOO!  Plus, I am still continuing my preparation for Hound of the Baskervilles.  Why does it seem to me that most guys grow a beard in the winter?  I’m one of the few who grow one in the summer in the 90+ degree, humid weather… ah, well such is the life of a performer.  You would have thought my time Fiddling on that Roof 8 years ago would have made me leary of growing another beard, but Oh, No… not me… whatever the role calls for, I will do!  Even before the audition 😉

Ooook… so two weeks off. 🙁 Still thinking a weekend gig would be fun with some friends joining me.  Come on tangenteers!

5 thoughts on “Two Week Break”

  1. oh, this would be AFTER Holmes, my friend. O/C this kind of gig prolly would not appeal to you performance wise…. unless you have changed your outlook on singing?

  2. I just checked my once waterlogged mess of sheet music I copied from the library years ago. I copied several Miss Saigon songs, but not that one. I suspect it wasn’t in the book, but I may have just skipped it if it was for some reason.

  3. Nope, the song isn’t listed as part of the score the library still has. Interesting find though- they have a DVD of the making of Miss Saigon (1989). I will have to take a look at this sometime.

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