Please Come Home For Christmas


It’s my favorite contemporary classic Christmas tune, yet I can’t find the original version that made me fall in love with the song, “Please Come Home for Christmas”.  I spent much of yesterday evening downloading different samples of the song; it seems every famous recording artist from the past few decades covered it.  The musical acts that were sampled were very diverse: Aaron Neville, Sawyer Brown, Bon Jovi, Vonda Sheperd, Gary Allan, the Drifters, Lonestar, Toby Keith…  Twenty renditions later and I still haven’t found the original version I heard – my favorite one to date.  I heard it in the 80’s or early 90’s, and it was the most popular version they would play all the time on the radio; country and easy listening / rock.  It’s sung by a male artist or group…  if anyone has any suggestions of who it might be, I might be up to fishing through a few more versions of the song.  That is, unless any of them are as bad as Toby Keith’s.  And this is coming from a country music fan!

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  1. Thanks everyone for your help – the Eagles version is very good, still not the one I was looking for, but definitely a favorite. I haven’t had a chance to find Charles Brown’s version yet though… today is a snow day, and it WAS going to be a catchup-on-work-clean-the-house-for-complany-tomorrow day, but now I have 4 rambunctious kids running around here – EEK!

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