Not Only Good For Walks


On today’s beautiful, sunny, 40+ degree weather I did enjoy the company of my song filled ipod.  However, I found an even better use for it.  While cleaning the beauty shop, I had it plugged in and it made the time zoom by.  Before I had finished, an hour had passed and it seemed like no time at all!  The power of music… it is able to transport you to a “long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” or to “Space: the final frontier.” It can also take you to Neverland, Narnia, Krypton, Hogwarts, or Missitucky.

My ipod library is not limited only to film scores or Broadway shows.  I do enjoy some popular music pas and present.  For every selection from my vast collection of John Williams masterworks (from the 6 Star Wars movies (even the prequels), the four Indiana Jones movies (have ’em all), SupermanHook, E.T., etc) and James Bond scores  there is some Jason Mraz (I think I’ve read about him somewhere?) with some Elvis, Beatles, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, and Motown classics thrown in for good measure.

Of course when the (in my humble opinion) best recording of “This is the Moment” popped up… it was NOT the Hoff’s butchering,  I had to sing along as I walked the sidewalk.  Yep… one of those.  I get carried away but still focus on little things like cars at intersections.  I did feel like the pied piper on a recent walk as three dogs began following me until I turned around and they went safely back to their home.  And, yes I did stop as a I came upon a school bus which was on its way back from the morning kindergarten return trip 😉

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  1. I’ve often marveled at the diversity of the content on my own ipod – no, it’s not all country music. I have classic country, oldies, the theme from the Golden Girls, some 80s / 90s rap and dance music, 90s pop, among other types. I used to have the Sound of Music songs, but I got sick of them. I’ve often found myself resisting the urge to sing out loud at Walmart – music is fun while shopping, but you have to keep on your toes or you get dirty looks, and I also can’t do that when I bring the kids with me.

  2. SoM… movie and revival cast… CHECK! Theme from the Simpsons. Dirty looks, schmirty looks… kids with you would be a problem. 😉

  3. Well, if I’m groovin’ and almost run them down with my shopping cart, then I can’t really blame them for giving me dirty looks… but for the most part, I am careful. The people who just assume that I’m going to run them down because I’m wearing headphones are the people who can have your “schmirty looks”. 🙂

  4. @justj – I have classical on my computer and for playing in the kitchen; mostly Beethoven and Pachelbel. I don’t put it on my Mp3 player because it doesn’t exactly help to get the blood moving. Not a big jazz nor Stones fan.

  5. Swing bands? Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller? I’m not really a Stones fan either. There are 1 or 2 songs, but that is about it. I was just adding more flavor to the mix. Everything else listed would be on my Ipod if I had one.

  6. I have some classical in my itunes library, but like taylhis… it just doesn’t get the blood pumping to put on my ipod 🙂 Better for quiet time while reading. Stones… eek!

  7. Hm….my Ipod. I do have one, but it’s one of those little shuffles. I like it. I have lots of 80’s. A LOT of upbeat stuff…..I do have some ballad type songs on there, also…when I worked out on a regular basis, I used the slow songs as an excuse to slow down and breathe. (I need to get back to that, by the way….) No classical. I play easy listening in the car when I’m driving. Lots of Sara Brightman, Andre Bocelli, and of course Josh (pitter patter) Groban gets played in the car. I normally don’t listen to classical unless I need background music without words. I need to sing. If I want classical, I go listen to it live…..that is the best. Jazz is good live. Stones….hm…..that was a little pre-me. Not much, but a little. I never really got into their stuff….kind of like the Grateful Dead. I missed that era. This is getting too long. I’ll shut up. 😉

    1. I have the shuffle, too Mare. When songs get to repeat over and over. I like to go into my library and add new and replace. 500 songs and they feel the need to repeat?

  8. Yes, I like classical when I’m doing light pick up aroundthe house – heavy housecleaning needs something more energetic for sure. Classical is great when doing puzzles or crafts with the kids.
    @Derek – I almost mentioned Christian music – after hearing 3-4 songs every week at church, I’m getting to know some of it and have a few favorites. I need to get some for my ipod; I don’t currently have any; that’s why I didn’t mention it. I don’t really know the songs by artist, however, since I’m used to hearing our own (very good) worship band play it. They always put the name of the artist on the screen though, and I do recognize some of the names you mentioned.

  9. I wonder if Straight No Chaser has any recordings out there. Remember the acapella group I featured during the holidays with their version of 12 Days of Christmas? I really like their sound and the novelty.

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