Kid Rock, Really?

I just might have to start calling myself a Kid Rock fan…  ok, no not really, that’s going way too far.

It all started when I was able to catch a few minutes of country music radio – a rare treat for me because when I’m doing errands in my car every day, I’m usually forced to listen to Kidsongs, VeggieTales, or the like while the kids are watching the car dvd player.  But lately, I’ve been able to catch a few songs on country music radio…  I guess it’s because my youngest daughter has been refusing to nap at home during the day, therefore she can’t help herself from napping once we get in the car, giving me control of the car stereo, even if it is temporarily.  But anyway, country radio has been constantly playing a song that I really like – I heard it again the other day while my husband was getting a haircut, and that’s when I decided I needed to look it up, find out what it is and who sings it so I can get it for my own enjoyment.  Well, I looked it up, and what I found is that my new favorite “country” song is Kid Rock’s latest single called “All Summer Long”.  For those of you who don’t know, Kid Rock is not a country artist – not in my book, anyway…  Seems he’s been trying to cross over to country for a couple of years now however.  His duet with Sheryl Crow called “Picture” hit the top of the country charts a few years ago when it came out.  But Kid Rock is most famous for various tabloid fodder; including his relationship with Pamela Anderson and the public brawls he’s engaged in.  But I think Kid Rock’s normal style of music is hard-core.  There is a song called “Warrior” by him that is played before movies in the theater, and that song is very reminiscent of 80s heavy metal – I think that’s a taste of his usual musical style.

So why the switchover into country?  I have one guess – money.  It’s no secret that country music is the most popular music genre in the United States today.  Kid Rock’s new song doesn’t quite have that country sound, however, but I wouldn’t know how else to classify it.  It reminds me of late 70’s or early 80’s classic rock, ala Lynyrd Skynyrd – there is even a tribute to the song “Sweet Home Alabama” in “All Summer Long” – it mentions the song and even replicates its famous guitar lick.  But nowadays, I don’t know where a song such as this should be catagorized, and apparently the music industry felt the same way, so they stuck it in the country genre.  It’s a really great, feel-good, care-free, summery kind of song…  don’t know why they didn’t rush to get it released at the beginning of the summer.  But it’s here now, and I’m enjoying it, even if it is sung by Kid Rock.  I just wish he’d make up his mind about where he wants to be musically.  Being a country music fan, I despise “posers” and “crossovers” who try to take advantage of country music fans just because they’re seen as loyal and dumb.  The bait and switch didn’t work with me this time – I like the song, but knowing it’s Kid Rock did take a little out of it for me.  I have a big problem with crossovers – I don’t like accepting them into the country music family.  I feel that country music is something you either love or you hate, and if these crossovers weren’t already involved in country music, chances are they’ve hated it in the past and should not be allowed to crossover when the time or price is right.  You are either a country artist or you’re not.  Which is why it is to my dismay that this new Kid Rock song is so good.

But all things aside, check out “All Summer Long”, it’s worth a listen, and let’s hope Kid Rock doesn’t steal too much thunder away from the real country acts come time for the Country Music Awards that will be airing in November.  Judging solely by how much air time he’s getting on the radio, I think he has a shot to win some awards for this one – he’ll at least get a live performance.  I just hope he can behave himself.  Surprisingly, given the red-neck reputation of country music’s fan base, the annual Country Music Awards is not a place where there is usually scandalous behavior such as fighting or swearing, and let’s hope these fly-by-night country crossovers don’t ever bring it to that.

2 thoughts on “Kid Rock, Really?”

  1. And it also has the intro from the song “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon and The Steve Miller Band’s “Take the Money and Run”.

    When this song was first aired, I was always waiting for “Werewolves of London”, and then it was the Kid Rock song.

  2. Yes… I heard both of those what do you call them… well… influences, can’t think of the term. But I did enjoy the song. I would not necessarily call myself a HUGE country fan, but… I don’t try to limit myself to one genre

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