Have Tuba Will Play

I was excused from work a half hour early tonight, so I decided to go to the inaugural Bryan City Band concert of the season.  One of my best friends has played trumpet in the band since high school.  The new director is someone I have known for the past umpteen years.  I just learned tonight that Emily was the band director of the city’s high school just prior to Mr. Krause’s assuming the position.  THAT WAS A LONG TIME AGO!  (sorry, Terry).

As I was making my way to finding a spot to enjoy the magnificent concert, I heard Carol shout my name so I ventured over her way and enjoyed the music together.  Marches and medleys of tunes were the order of the day.  Of course, my favorite selection was “Marches from Broadway”  (imagine that).  But there are many more great marches from the Great White Way than “Before the Parade Passes By,” “Comedy Tonight” (wasn’t aware that that is a march), and “Seventy-Six Trombones.”  In a grab bag from “The Fifties” we heard another (“March of the Siamese Children”) as well as a reprise of those trombones and cornets right behind.

Next Wednesday (as I previously made known), I will be making my directorial debut.  The director told me to be at the high school for rehearsal Tuesday night.  We would run through my piece and then I could leave.  WHAT!?  Sounds like a waste of gas to me. Someone (I think it was either my oldest brother or my godson) suggested that we find a spare tuba.  WHOO HOO!  BRING IT!  So, if they remember to bring the horn, I will not only be conducting but sitting in to play as well.

So… come on, come all.  But, be warned, it is the week of the Jubilee so come early for prime parking.  I’m not excited or anything.

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  1. Too bad we had a prior obligation last night. We will see about next week. I always intend on watching a bunch of band concerts, but the kids have other plans – they either go to bed early on Wednesdays (and ONLY when I have something else I want to do of course, otherwise they stay up all night!) or they don’t want to sit thru a band concert. Ah well, one of these years. Maybe when I’m gray or white and can fit in with most of the audience 😉

  2. Someone record Jamiahsh’s inaugural experience! Okay, I don’t know that I will ever see it unless someone posts such a video, but I’m sure Jamiahsh would appreciate the recorded memory at least. 🙂

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